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Company Profile

Dill Brothers Insurance is among the elite in protecting the transportation industry. Since 1982 we have operated solely in the niche of insuring truckers and trucking companies. This sets us apart from most insurance agencies -- through our longevity, we have acquired a full understanding of truckers needs and requirements. Our staff has over a hundred years of combined experience;  knowledge and insight of the industry itself is undeniably our biggest asset.

At Dill Brothers Insurance we protect you and your business by offering professional advice with outstanding service at a competitive price. 

Our Mission

Dill Brothers Insurance will remain dedicated and focused on insuring the transportation industry with the highest standard of professionalism and honesty.

To excel in this commitment we shall maintain our superiority in experience, knowledge and service over our competition. It is imperative we listen to our customers needs and stay abreast of any and all changes taking place within our niche. We must know the trucking business as well as the insurance business.

We shall take all necessary steps needed to continue our history and reputation as one of the elite trucking insurance agencies in the south.

Why Choose US ?


At Dill Brothers, we are committed to responding to your needs. Whether issuing certificates, obtaining filings or completing policy changes, we make it easy for you. We offer premium financing and payment plans tailored to your business. We are familiar with insurance regulations and laws and can help answer your questions or guide you to the right resource. In addition, we work with your insurance carrier to get your claim settled quickly and efficiently. 

Risk Management

Dill Brothers has access to certified safety directors for loss control, DOT compliance, driver safety seminars and accident kits. These services can help you reduce claims, ultimately keeping your insurance costs to a minimum. 

Commitment and Knowledge

At Dill Brothers, transportation coverage is all we do. Our staff understands trucking operations as well as insurance needs for the transportation industry. Other agencies offer products for multiple types of clients, never becoming experts in any one field. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you! 

Risk Placement

At Dill Brothers, we start by reviewing your operation and exposures, including contractual agreements. Our staff tailors a proposal that will cover your specific needs, making sure to meet all federal and state requirements. Our agency contracts with specialty insurance companies whose policies are written with the trucker in mind. We offer a quality product at a quality price.